Blisscipline: A Life Practice Finds a Name

Pictured Above: Blissciplan! Building Dreams into Brands….

For all the years that I can remember, I’ve helped self and others to practice a form of Blisscipline that has helped clarify goals and make dreams manifest.

It resembles the art, science, sport, dance of archery for me — complete with placing the arrow, pulling back the bow, taking aim, letting go….

But until February 5, 2006, Blisscipline didn’t have a name.

That day, following an inspiring Mind and Moment seminar with poet/philosopher John O’Donohue, psychologist Dan Siegel, author Diane Ackerman and scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn, John Foote, the lovely Linda Alvarez and I took a delicious drive up the California coast.

Over the course of an al fresco lunch overlooking the bay, Lindaa mused as to whether “following one’s bliss” was imperative, advisable, possible.

For me, it had always been as essential as breathing.

And like breathing, though the need is clear and the act is automatic, it’s even more effective when practiced with awareness, intentionality, discipline, love.

So I coined the terms Blisscipline and Blissciplan . And they immediately returned the favor — serving as shorthand, reminder, embodiment of the processes and tools that enable us to build our dreams.

They gave me a word for practices that have proved equally effective whether applied to brand building, meal planning or children’s games; whether used with at-risk youth, multinational companies or political campaigns.

They gave me the reason to contact GoDaddy immediately and snap up some new demains.

And I hope they will give us a reason to work together.

Warmly and with thanks,
Wendy Dubit, Founder

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Welcome to Blissciplan!

We offer professional business consulting services that bring your company’s passions to life!

Blissciplan was born when….

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2009, Etched in Snow

Wishing you BLISS, this season, and always….

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